Rejected Jingles

Yeah, I’m a jingle guy. Sue me!

Unfortunately, many of my clients don’t share my passion. So, I decided to just learn music and make them anyway (please don’t sue me).

Track 1: “Liquid Engineering” - Castrol Motor Oil.

Track 2: “Adventures Begin out The Blue” - JetBlue.

Track 3: “New York Loves YOU” - TCS New York City Marathon.

Track 4: “It’s from Aruba” - Gosling’s Ginger Beer.

Track 5: “Cold Wash Button” - Tide.


“Castrol oil is more than just oil,
it’s brewed in depths of American soil.
Good for your car,
bad for your dog -- 
makes for a hell-of-a-ride in your brand new hog.
If that long, lonesome road has got you fearin’
pour some Castrol oil:
It’s liquid engineering

Don’t give it to your dog, NOOOOOO!”

There’s nothing worse than routine trips --
Delays and fees and salty chips.
Why does every flight show “Life of Pi”?

But flying Blue there is no pressure
Routine trips become adventures
It’s easy when you offer more than flights

Say you’re….
Heading to a work convention?
We’ll help you steal the crowd’s attention
With discounts on swanky rental car.
After your Florida cousin’s baby shower
Have a meet-cute at a happy hour
With deals on rooms with five-star rooftop bars.

Anything is doable --
Passenger: I’m going to a funeral!
Oh…I’m sorry. Well, in any case…

No matter your chosen destination
We’ll guide you without hesitation,

Adventures begin out the Blue.

Wide open roads
Wide open streets
Free bathrooms every block
Happy strangers you will meet.

Friendly faces cheer you on and offer you a smile
As New York’s rats race together, mile after mile.

On New York’s Marathon day
One single thing rings true:

New York LOVES you!!!

Aruba, Aruba, ooo-ra-ooo-ra-uba
Aruba, Aruba, ah-ah-ah-ruba
Aruba, Aruba, ooOooOOoo-Ruba
Gosling’s Ginger Beer….It’s from Aruba.

Enjoy a ginger beer that's brewed, where ginger beer began.
Gosling's: Drink Authentically.

Cold wash button, what’s your function?
Cleaning all your spills and smudges and tough stains.

Cold wash button, what’s your function?
Laundry with less strain on washing machines.

Hot wash button, what’s your function?
Wasting energy when you could clean in cold.

Hot wash button, what’s your function?
Fading vibrant colors to make your clothes look old.

Cold wash button, what’s your function?
A better way to wash, with the world in mind.

Cold wash button, what’s your function?
A cleaner way to clean with the help of Tide.


“You really had fun with it”
- [NAME REDACTED] Creative Director

“I feel like we don’t want to scare the clients”
- [NAME REDACTED], Account Executive

“[typing] … [typing] … [typing] … cool”
- [NAME REDACTED], Creative Director.

“This might be too much for just a social post”
- [NAME REDACTED] Connections Strategist

I’ve literally had this song stuck in my head for a week
- Kylie Vandeven, Art Director