You're Gonna Need More Tide

Since the launch of regular Tide PODS, machines have gotten larger, synthetics have made clothes harder to clean, and if you’ve scrolled TikTok lately, everyday messes have become larger than life.

Platforms: 360º
Awards: 4x Cannes Lions (2x Gold, 1x Silver, 1 Bronze) One Show - GOLD (x2) Silver (x2) Merit(2024) D&AD Graphite, 3x Effie Awards (1 silver, 2 Bronze).


With the help of Kumail Nanjiani and VFX trickery, we “Forrest Gumped” him into recent and iconic viral messes, showing why everyone’s  gonna need more Tide.

Using “Forrest Gump” Technology™ , we inserted Kumail in some of the internet’s messiest videos. 

After it launched, something magical happened. In everyday conversation on social our phrase from the spot “You’re gonna need more Tide.” started appearing organically.

Full Case Study