Concept: Jiffy Lube offers the fastest oil change around. And that’s it.

Tagline: Get in. Get out.



We figured we'd go with half page ads to really emphasize the quickness of Jiffy Lube. 

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Jiffy App:

The Jiffy app makes your experience faster, better, and less intimidating. 

Track the progress of the entire 17-point oil change while you wait, and make instant decisions on additional replacement costs without the pressure of a sales associate trying to up-sell you. 

When you’re done, you can pay directly from your phone, allowing you to get in and get out as quickly as possible. 

Jiffy Truck:

Getting in and getting out is great, but what if you had the option to never have to go at all?

The Jiffy Truck comes to you, so you'll never have to plan your day around an oil change again. 

 This truck will make appearances at major events, providing an on-the-go oil change experience. 

Art Director: Steph Langan