Spotify recently teamed up with MusiXmatch, the world’s largest lyrics database.

Now users have  access to millions of lyrics to accompany their listening experience.  

But? Nobody knows about this new partnership…

That’s where we come in. What better way to engage music-lovers than with a game that combines the immense libraries of both companies? Introducing: LyriX. 


The game is simple. Using your smartphone or tablet, open the Spotify app, where you’ll find LyriX on the main menu. Grab some friends, circle up, and take a selfie to create user profiles.

When handed the phone, each player is given a word and a certain amount of time to say (or sing) a song that uses that word in its title or in its lyrics. The voice recognition feature on the app will determine if the player’s response is acceptable. If a player fails to think of a valid song, he or she is eliminated. The last player standing will be deemed a LyriX Legend.

See it in action:


After the game, Spotify will create and share a playlist of all the songs given as responses during the game. If players don’t have Spotify, they will be sent an invitation via text to join.

From there, people have the option to make a “Discover” playlist, which takes the playlist created from the game and generates an additional playlist of songs you might like based on the answers.

Copywriters: Rich Whelchel, Caroline Gallalee, Lizze Hopkinson, Tom Daley, James Gross.
Our amazing XD:  Hunter Noxon.