There are two types of outdoor people: those who scale peaks with ice frozen in their beards, and those who admire peaks with an ice cold Rainer tall boy in hand.

Poler is for those who enjoy the latter. 

Concept: At Poler, it’s not about your journey outdoors, it’s about what you do when you arrive. 

Tag: Go forth and chill.

So, we started a cult... 

Traditional advertising is not something the Poler crowd subscribes to.

By taking a page from the popular television show Portlandia -- i.e. hipsters poking fun at hipsters -- we created a new, experimental form of advertising.  

Chilluminati Activation: 1. Vinyl Tear-out.

Poler will include a vinyl record tear out behind its print ads. Once you pop the record on, you'll hear the soothing sounds of nature, and the whispering of a URL that will lead you to our micro-site. 


2. Micro-site:

Once you've followed the path to the microsite, you then must enter thy sacred Instagram handle. 


3. Initiation Package:

After sharing your Instagram account with the microsite, you'll receive a message with instructions on how to receive the official uniform of the Chilluminati. 

The first 500 who respond will receive the official Chilluminati beanie and a custom keychain with their number.  This first wave of members will also receive a copy of The Book of Chill, the holy text of the Chilluminati. 

Anyone after 500 won't be left out for their efforts. They'll recieve checkout codes for discounts and news on Chilluminati events (more on that below). 

4. Brainwashing Videos

Koresh, Jones, Hubbard -- every cult needs a leader.

We came up with Mel, the antithesis of your standard cult of personality. And every week he sends a message of chill to his followers...on Instagram. 


A post shared by Mel O'Dought (@polerchilluminati) on


A post shared by Mel O'Dought (@polerchilluminati) on

5. Spreading the Gospel. Pop-up Camp sites. 

Chilluminati Brand Evangelists will spread the good word of Poler through urban, pop-up camp sites.

Imagine stepping off the subway, and being greeted upon arrival by stylish, chill people who want to convert you into a stylish, chill person.  

Art Director: Alex McClelland
Strategist: Andrew Vessels