Don't just listen, listen together. 

Music is meant to be shared. 

It is when we make it. 

It is when we talk about it or recommend it. 

But with Spotify's seemingly infinite library, we end up listening alone. 

What started out as and idea for a game, quickly  morphed into a game changer. 

Introducing: Spotify Jam:


Spotify can leverage its platform to not only bring people music, but bring people together.


Spotify Jam, a space within the Spotify app for users to listen to music in real-time with any other Spotify subscriber, whether they're in the other room, or across the world.


How a Jam works:

Create your own jam or join in on a friend’s.

The green circle around a user’s profile photo indicates that they’re hosting an active jam.

See what songs are being played in different jams on your feed.

Thumb up or down songs in the queue to influence the next song played.

Chat with other listeners currently in the jam.

Artist Jams:

Jams aren't just a shared experience with friends, they're a chance for artists to release new content to a live, unfiltered audience. 



For businesses:

Imagine if your whole office had a live jam. Or if your coffee shop or bowling alley replaced its dusty jukebox with a live Jam curated by patrons.